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Which WoW lore figure would you kill off?


I'm sure you all saw yesterday's trailer, in which the leader of the Shado-Pan, Taran Zhu, took a brief sojourn on the business end of Garrosh's axe. While the comments on the trailer largely centred around how great it was, there were several others commenting on Taran Zhu -- did he live? Did he die? So many, in fact, that Blizzard's Lead Story Designer Dave Kosak tweeted that he does, in fact, make it.

And I was a little sad to hear that. Not because of any personal vendetta against Taran Zhu, but more because I really feel like, to shake up the story, Blizzard needs to take a lesson or two from Game of Thrones. Or indeed, going a bit further back because GoT was far from the first set of stories to kill its characters, from Shakespeare, or Chaucer. Blizzard has done this in the past, I'm told, with Bolvar, and I don't doubt there was an uproar, but it needs to start happening again. Be brave, Blizzard. It will make the story more compelling.

But here's the question. If you had to pick one prominent lore figure to bump off, who would it be? It doesn't have to be for a good reason, it might just be because you are tired of them, or you really hate their voice actor. Or how green they are, or aren't. Personally, I'm going to go with either Lorewalker Cho, because I'm fed up to the teeth with him, or Thrall, for very similar reasons, and because it would rock the boat. I feel like we're stagnating in a story world lacking in consequences, but also where we have to already hate a character to kill them off. Good people die too.

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