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Why one Android blogger uses an iPhone

Mel Martin

Well, here's a twist. After seeing a few articles about how iPhone users are switching to Android, here's a respected Android blogger, Ron Offringa, telling us why he uses an iPhone.

In a blog posted to Droid Life, Offringa says he currently uses an iPhone 4S and plans on getting the next iPhone. Why is Offringa living in sin? A bunch of reasons, including iMessage. He says, "It's simple, works well and it's seamlessly integrated with Messages." That's hard to argue with. I hardly get any conventional texts anymore; almost all my friends are using iMessage. It's mostly reliable, it's free and I love read receipts.

Offringa also says the apps are "vastly superior." He cites Tweetbot, Safari, Yahoo! Weather, Day One and others. He does say he likes Path and Hangouts better on Android, but says they are the exception and not the rule. I find myself in agreement there. Especially with photo apps, I find my few friends on Android wishing they had the range of choices.

Other plusses for Apple according to Offringa are iOS itself, Apple hardware and performance. The lengthy blog is a good read, and worth passing on to some of your iPhone friends who might be wavering. That's exactly what I did.

[via The Loop]

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