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Apple hires former Nike FuelBand consultant Jay Blahnik


Apple has hired fitness expert and former Nike FuelBand consultant Jay Blahnik, reports 9to5Mac. Blahnik is well-known in the fitness industry and has worked for Apple in the past on unspecified products. The fact that Apple is now bringing him on in a full-time role now suggests that he will have a high level of input over a specific product, which many people assume to be the rumored "iWatch."

Though his personal website has been taken offline, a cached version of it still exists where his bio reads:

Jay has been a Nike Elite Athlete and Nike consultant for almost 20 years. He worked closely with Nike on the launch of Nike+Running, which has become the largest digital running community in the world. He was also the original creator and program developer of the Nike Training Club App, and the Nike Training Club in-gym program, which boasts over 6 million digital users. He is also a key expert and consultant for many of Nike's new Digital Sport initiatives that launched in 2012, including Nike+ Kinect Training and Nike+ FuelBand.

Blahnik himself confirmed the news of his hire by Apple on Twitter, before removing the tweet.

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