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Around Azeroth: Waiter, there's a gnome in my soup


With patch 5.4 on the horizon, it's just the right time for Garrosh Hellscream to publish his first book. And according to the press release, it's called ... Cooking for the Horde? Really? Who knew that our least favorite warchief is secretly a culinary genius? But when you read the list of recipes, it makes a little more sense. In addition to the gnome stir-fry, which submitter Ziplox of Anvilmar Brigade on Emerald Dream (US-A) so kindly modeled for us, adventurous chefs can make the classic Gryphon Marsala, a delicious draenei tail and elf ear gumbo, and the overly crispy Theramore Tortellini. I'd avoid the mechanostrider à l'orange unless you have an iron belly, though.

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