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We're live from Gamescom 2013!


Gamescom is once more upon us, and a quartet of Engadget's finest are here in Cologne, Germany to cover all the major game happenings live from the (enormous) show floor at the Koelnmesse. We'll be at Sony's big event tomorrow afternoon bringing you liveblog coverage, and from Microsoft's "showcase" event -- Nintendo isn't holding anything formal, though we'd love to see a surprise Wii U price drop this week. Also, Valve and Epic are notoriously absent from 2013's proceedings.

This year's show promises the first big European news assault on Microsoft and Sony's next-gen game boxes, not to mention a more specific date for PlayStation 4's launch. Our friends at Oculus Rift are also milling about, and we're always hoping to hear more about their upcoming consumer-grade Oculus headset. First up this week we've got the Euro version of the Game Developers Conference -- should you wish to follow along with our intrepid team as the week progresses, we've put together a convenient Twitter list right here. Willkommen!

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