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Get an extra 1 GB of Dropbox storage by syncing it to Mailbox


Dropbox users take notice: Mailbox has a deal for you. Specifically, if Mailbox users sync the app to their Dropbox account, they will receive an extra 1 GB of Dropbox storage for free. The tip was first posted by The Next Web.

Mailbox is the iOS email client that took the app world by storm earlier this year. Then in March, Dropbox swooped in an bought it, so offering Dropbox users an extra gigabyte of storage is a logical step.

If you don't want to use Mailbox as your email client, don't worry. Just download the app and add a single email account. Next, go into its settings and sync it with your Dropbox account. Then voila! Instantly you'll have an extra gigabyte of Dropbox space, which is yours to keep forever -- even if you delete Mailbox.

Also note, if you're already syncing Mailbox to Dropbox, simply unsync it and then sync it again to receive the extra storage.

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