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Here's a trailer for Defiance's first DLC pack

Jef Reahard

You know what today is? Yes, yes it is Tuesday and aren't you clever? But it's also release day for Defiance's first piece of add-on content. The Castithan Charge Pack boasts new story missions, vehicles, customization options, gameplay rewards, and more, according to a Trion press release.

The titular Castithan species is available should you wish to create a new character. Or feel free to change the species of your existing avatar if you'd rather. Trion has also added an instanced single-player horde mode option that ties into the new storyline. If you're playing on consoles, you've also got some new achievements and trophies to hunt.

The Castithan Charge Pack costs $9.99 on PCs and the PlayStation 3. Xbox 360 users will need 800 Microsoft points. Don't forget to check out the trailer after the cut.

[Source: Trion press release]

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