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Instagram toughens brand guidelines to discourage lookalike services


Like many developers, Instagram defends itself against clone apps and other clear abuses of its image. However, the photo-focused social network is now cracking down on subtler variations of its branding. The company has updated its brand guidelines to forbid Instagram-compatible services from including "insta" or "gram" in their names; they also can't use modifications of Instagram's signature logo. These similar-looking offerings could be mistaken for officially endorsed products, according to Instagram. The firm isn't taking any offenses lightly, either. In a notice to Luxogram that was obtained by TechCrunch, Instagram asked for a response to its concerns within 48 hours, and required both logo and name changes within a "reasonable period." Given the abundance of third-party developers that lean on the Instagram name to lure customers, the tougher policy could spark some confusion as companies rebrand their services en masse.

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