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Volume blowout: PS4 & Vita first, PC & Mac a month later


Mike Bithell's stealth-craft game Volume maximizes onto PlayStation platforms first when it arrives next year. As announced at Sony's Gamescom press conference, the next game from Thomas Was Alone creator Bithell comes to PS4 and Vita- Bithtell told Joystiq it should extend onto PC and Mac a month later.

Volume features another Bithell-authored script, but swaps out platforming rectangles for a top-down Metal Gear Solid-like. The story revolves around a criminal with a penchant for theft, but not for murder - like an evil Batman with a slither of his ethical roots. The other half of the game is the level editor, which allows players to tinker with Volume's levels to create their own terrains for theft.

Bithell will be hoping Volume carries on the building blocks success of Thomas Was Alone, the PS3, Vita, PC, Mac, and Linux game shifting over 700,000 copies to date.

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