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Community Blog Topic: Do we need an ability squish?


There has been a lot of discussion lately about abilities being purged or going passive. Stealing an idea from The Queue for this week's Community Blog Topic, do we need an ability squish?

I am an altoholic, but I mostly play my monk or my druid and both of them have abilities overflowing my UI. I have some of them hotkeyed and macroed, but there's only so much my mouse and keyboard will hold. And frankly, particularly on my druid, I don't ever use some of the abilities.

Soothe is one of those abilities. When it was called Soothe Beast, it was completely useless. Now it gets rid of enrage effects, but I normally just solo on my druid and never remember it's there. Hibernate is another. Because it can only sleep beasts and dragonkin, it's not very useful and I tend to AoE instead of use crowd control in situations where it might be useful.

When Alex was asked by ShelaMonster in The Queue as to what he would give up for his main class, he said nothing:

I want everything rogues can do. I'm pretty sure I use all of it, too.
What about your main class? Are your action bars getting too clogged up with abilities you rarely if ever use? What skills do you think could be rolled into something else or made passive or eliminated altogether? Do we need an ability squish or do you want everything your class has to offer with no changes?

Blog about your answer and link to it in the comments. Or, if you don't have a World of Warcraft related blog, just comment below. We will spotlight some of the responses next week.

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