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WSJ: Vevo heading to Apple TV as soon as this week


In the early 1980s, everyone wanted their MTV. It was 24 hours a day of music videos interspersed with snappy repartee from cool VJs. But MTV went the direction of reality TV, and the world lost the fun of discovering new bands and songs. Now Vevo is on the way; it's a joint venture between Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Group that will soon start delivering on-demand music videos and 24 hour-a-day programming via Apple TV.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Vevo Apple TV app could appear as soon as this week. Samsung Internet TVs will have to wait for a few weeks before getting the service.

Vevo is designed to get music fans to watch videos and original content through its sites and apps instead of on YouTube. There's a lot at stake for the two big music companies behind Vevo -- Google takes as much as 50 percent of ad revenue generated by YouTube content.

[via AppleInsider]

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