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BlizzCon to host WoW's Arena Global Invitational


Blizzard will select eight of the best arena teams from around the globe to compete in the invitational arena tournament at BlizzCon this November. The teams will face each other infront of tens of thousands of people at BlizzCon, and even more watching at home. These matches are always interesting to watch as they show what the players that are truly the best in the world can do.

The prize pool for the match will total $180k -- which means a ton of stuff for the various winning levels Blizzard dictates.

Blizzard's full release is as follows:

We're summoning the finest Arena teams in the world to battle it out at BlizzCon 2013! Eight top 3v3 Arena teams from around the globe will be invited to compete in the World of Warcraft Arena Global Invitational, taking place November 8 and 9 at BlizzCon in Anaheim, California. Here's an quick overview of where the finalists are coming from and how they'll be selected:

North America and Europe
Two of the highest-ranked teams from the North America game region and two of the highest-ranked teams from the Europe game region will be invited to compete at BlizzCon.

Korea and Taiwan
Korea and Taiwan will each host a regional tournament, and the top-finishing team from each region will earn an invitation to compete at BlizzCon.

A regional tournament in China will determine which two teams will go on to represent their region at BlizzCon.

All in all, eight of the smartest, toughest, and most skilled teams from all over the globe will throw down at BlizzCon for international bragging rights and a prize pool worth over $180,000.

If you're an Arena competitor, it's time to hone your skills and get ready to fight hard for a spot in the event. If you're a spectator, you'll be able to catch all of the action live online even if you can't make it to the show in person-stay tuned for more information.

Keep an eye on for more details on the BlizzCon World of Warcraft Arena Global Invitational as they arrive.

WoW Insider will have coverage of this and much more form BlizzCon 2013. Stay tuned!

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