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iOS-only Boxes app adds eBay support, private and public boxes, and barcode scanner


If you're a collector, there comes a time when you have to face the sad reality that part of collecting is keeping track of your collection, and selling off the excess. Boxes is an iOS-exclusive app that does just that, offering a powerful cataloging tool with photos that allows you to document and organize your collection. It even allows you to make wish lists so you can find things other users are selling.

Now the app has been updated to include integration with eBay so you can quickly and easily sell your goods on one of the web's most popular marketplaces. It's a wise move for the cataloging tool. Imagine browsing through a list of your Beanie Baby collection one day only to realize you've got three of the legendary "Millenium" (sic) bears. Now with a simple swipe of your finger, that bear is a part of the marketplace, putting money back in your pocket.

The updated app also introduces a new Private Info Area so users can keep track of important details about their collections like receipts, warranty information, place of purchase or any other detail that might come in handy. As someone who has kept track of where exactly he bought specific pieces in his vinyl collection, this sort of fine-tooth nitpicking is a welcome feature.

In a move that's sure to end up being useful following a natural disaster or house fire, the app has introduced a barcode scanner that allows you to track each objects UPC code, serial number, model number, SKU, etc.

Finally Version 1.2 adds Public Boxes, allowing you to explore what other Boxes users have in their collections. You can find the update in the App Store for free.

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