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iPad with augmented reality app assists in liver surgery

Mel Martin

Reuters is reporting on a unique liver surgery that took place in Germany, where an iPad running an augmented reality app helped doctors plan and conduct the operation.

The app, developed by Fraunhofer MEVIS in Bremen, helps locate structures like tumors and blood vessels and is expected to improve the outcomes in such complicated procedures.

"With the new technology, we expect a better implementation of computer-aided surgical planning for tumor removal," said Prof. Karl Oldhafer. "The method has great potential. One can imagine it being used in the operation of other organs such as the pancreas."

The liver is filmed using the iPad camera, and then overlaid during an operation with virtual 3D models that were rendered from data in a real organ. You can see some photos from the operation here. Don't try looking during dinner or if you're squeamish.

The iPad has become quite popular in the medical field. Doctors I've talked to are really appreciative of the iPad mini, which easily fits in a lab coat.

[via 9 to 5 Mac]

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