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Ubisoft details Rocksmith 2014's advanced training features


Ubisoft has rolled out a new trailer for its upcoming rhythm game and guitar teaching tool Rocksmith 2014 Edition, explaining how many of Rocksmith's core mechanics have been significantly overhauled for the series' follow-up release.

During gameplay, note and chord prompts are now clearly labeled, with fret numbers listed underneath upcoming strums. Rocksmith 2014 Edition also informs the player of proper finger positioning for every note, and an on-screen guide demonstrates proper technique for transitioning between chords.

Rocksmith's dynamic approach to difficulty has also been overhauled. Players can now set a difficulty for an entire song or individual sections, overriding the game's default "level-up" approach to song mastery. In addition, the new "Learn a Song" mode suggests tutorials, chord lessons, and practice sessions for players struggling with specific song segments.

Master Mode has also seen a number of improvements since the original Rocksmith, where it simply eliminated all notation for the entire length of a song. Master Mode now gradually introduces itself dynamically throughout individual song sections, removing note prompts and rewarding large point bonuses for full mastery.

Rocksmith 2014 Edition will launch for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC platforms on October 22.

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