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FIFA 14 on PS Vita is a re-skinned FIFA 13


It turns out that the latest installment in the FIFA series on PS Vita, FIFA 14, will simply be a reskin of last year's game, FIFA 13 – itself a re-skin of PS Vita launch game, FIFA Football.

EA confirmed the news with Pocket Gamer after suspicions were aroused following some comments made at Gamescom by EA Sports' David Rutter, who called out to Eurogamer FIFA 14 VIta's "same great gameplay" compared to last year's entry. "It's the same great gameplay. And obviously with any new kits."

The publisher employed a similar strategy on Wii, where it was discovered FIFA 13 was nothing more than a re-skinned version of FIFA 12. Following the launch of FIFA 13, EA decided to forgo offering the latest Madden and FIFA installments on the Wii's succesor, the WII U.

[Note: Image is of FIFA Football for the PS Vita.]

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