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LotRO challenges servers to complete the Bounder's Bounty


A brand-new event is dawning on Lord of the Rings Online, and this one isn't your typical festival fare. The Bounder's Bounty is a long-term event that starts today and will run up to the release of the Helm's Deep expansion. The goal is to collect tokens, finish deeds, and help your server complete a collection goal.

Players will find these new Bounder's Tokens from mob drops, quests, and other places. Turn enough in to a vendor in Michel Delving, and you'll earn personal rewards from a nearby vendor. However, if the whole server works together to collectively meet a grand goal, then a second vendor will unlock to sell cool items like war-steeds, mounts, and other goodies. In addition, the server goal of Bounder's Bounty will grant everyone a persistent buff until the expansion releases and help to erect a new statue in the center of Michel Delving.

Speaking of the expansion, Roger at Contains Moderate Peril did a bit of file rummaging and came up with several possible maps from the expansion. Thanks to Andang for the tip!

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