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Stiq Figures, August 12 - 18: Gaming career highlights edition

Welcome to Stiq Figures, where the sales data is after the break and the posts don't matter.

One of the best feelings in gaming is when you pull off something that feels like it should be impossible. Whether your team is down and you single-handedly deliver victory or you annihilate an army of AI-controlled opponents, overcoming impossible odds just feels good. And really, considering the number of times our digital avatars have been spiked, shot or ground up, we deserve to revel in those moments.

One of my greatest moments happened in an assault match on Halo 2's Zanzibar map during the only LAN event I've ever attended. My team was a point away from failure and the opponents were in the process of arming their bomb in our base. My team was scattered and disoriented, subscribed to failure. I was lugging a rocket launcher towards the base with seconds on the clock, trudging along because... hell, might as well try, right? As our seemingly imminent doom neared, I entered the base, blindly turned and just fired off a rocket. I scored a direct hit on the trio crowded around the bomb, resetting the counter and giving us a fighting chance. I looked away from our TV long enough to see the death glare I was getting from the guy that used to be arming a bomb.

I have pretty much averaged negative k/d ratios in Halo games ever since. You're welcome, everyone fortunate enough to not be on my team. Anyway, share your most glorious moment in gaming with us and check out how the consoles are faring in Japan after the break!

3DS LL: 47,005 [UP] 8,123
3DS: 23,992 [UP] 5,043
Vita: 19,363 [UP] 1,724
PS3: 14,331 [UP] 2,103
Wii U: 12,047 [UP] 2,097
PSP: 7,616 [UP] 1,313
Wii: 1,772 [UP] 399
Xbox 360: 322 [UP] 47

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