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WoW Moviewatch: Coming Together

It's always tough to describe this kind of video. The creator was trying to do something particularly unique: pay homage to a community that pulled together in a time of need. Martiean's goal was to describe what happens when a community is Coming Together. Here's what he had to say:

I wanted to show a visual representation of the way this community reacted to someone who was in need, someone who was in pain. While it cannot touch how amazing this community was at that time, I am hoping this stands as a monument to what this community can do when it pulls together. As I say in the video, THIS is the World of Warcraft that I love & the community is a large part of why I keep playing.

Whether or not this is the WoW community you usually see, it's certainly a nice tribute. Kick back and watch the video; let us know what you think.
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