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Awesomenauts expansion funded on Kickstarter


Ronimo Games has surpassed the $125,000 Kickstarter goal it set to create an expansion to its 2D online battle arena game Awesomenauts. With 2,587 backers pledging $128,691 (as of this writing), Ronimo still has 23 days to hit stretch goals.

The expansion, as of now, will add three new heroes, a spectator mode, global chatrooms, a twin-stick control scheme and more music. The next goal of $200,000, which will add a new map and more music, followed by a custom game mode and "replays and infinite spectator mode" at $270k and $380k, respectively.

If you want to hear more about how the Kickstarter is going (has went, will go?), check out our Super Joysitq Podcast special from day three of Gamescom. Around 17:52, Ronimo head Jasper Koning discusses the expansion's Kickstarter, before the conversation twists into designers losing to players of their own games.

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