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DoJ claims Apple made in-app purchase rules to 'retaliate against Amazon'


The Department of Justice has filed a revised punishment proposal for Apple, claiming the iPhone maker instigated the in-app purchase rule to "retaliate against Amazon," according to GigaOm. As evidence in its new punishment proposal, the DoJ cites an email from Steve Jobs to Phil Schiller and Eddy Cue. The message references an Amazon Kindle commercial and contains a suggestion from Jobs that Apple force book, magazine and newspaper publishers to use the company's "far superior payment system."

Shortly after Jobs' email, e-book retailers like Amazon were forced to remove links from their apps that let customers buy e-books from external sources. As a result of the new evidence, the DoJ is now suggesting that Apple should allow e-book retailers to offer hyperlinks to products outside of the app for a period of two years, with no costs attached.

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