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Whoa -- did you just experience a Random Act of Uberness?

In the age of LFR, it's those times another player lights up your night with precise play, a wicked sense of humor, or unexpected generosity that your login on World of Warcraft becomes something to remember. That's why we're relaunching the feature that lets you send a shout-out or kudos to a fellow player who's made your day in WoW: Random Acts of Uberness.

We know you can't always remember player names or realms, and that's OK. Tell us what you do remember: what day of the week it was, what time of day, your own home realm, any details you recall about the other player, where you were and what you were doing in game. If the players involved read WoW Insider, we're betting they'll recognize your story!

Send in your shout-outs and kudos now to Need an example of what we're looking for? It's short and simple. Take a look at this story of appreciation from way back in 2010:

"I'm not to proud to admit it: when we're short on tanks, my husband and I will let our kid tank for us -- our just shy of seven-year-old, who diligently (and with trade chat disabled and parental controls on, his toon parked in our friends-and-fam guild instead of the casual raiding guild our mains are in) ground his teeny gnome warrior up to 80," writes Haelmari of US Eonar-A. "Tonight, we and some guildies needed a random. He wanted to play. Win/win, right?

"We lacked a healer, so we sucked it up and joined LFG ..."

The uber resolution of Haelmari's situation, after the break.

"Our dungeon master yanked aside the unwitting victim -- I mean, the l33t pro healer we got -- to let him know: the tank was a kid, he was learning, we had another plate wearer right there just in case things went to hell faster than you can yell 'For Lordaeron!' ... Was he okay with this?

"Dear Arkouda from US Gorefiend: you bloody well ruled, man. You made a kid's night. You were beyond patient and understanding. You were encouraging, you cheered him on, you watched what he was doing, you whispered hints and tips. We didn't have a single death, and we made it through HoL heroic in under half an hour with a very, very fresh tank. Thank you. I hope every PUG appreciates you as much as we did." (Haelmari, <Saints of Elune>, US Eonar-A)

Send us your kudos and shout-outs! Email your Random Acts of Uberness to

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