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Yahoo doling out inactive usernames to new owners, opens a Watchlist for $1.99

Alexis Santos

Yahoo users eager for a name change began logging their interest for inactive usernames in mid-July, and now Mayer and Co. are finally ready to re-assign dormant email addresses. Messages from the search giant are going out to folks who applied for a new identity, notifying them if one of their screen names of choice is ready for the taking. Those who struck out on desired account names will automatically have their choices added to a "Watchlist," and will be alerted if and when they're freed up. While keeping tabs on preferred monikers via the Watchlist is free for those who registered their interest in snapping up handles, it'll cost others the princely sum of $1.99 to monitor availability for three years. Click the neighboring source links to stake out a maximum of five names you're partial to.

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