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Apple TV gets Vevo, Weather Channel, Disney and Smithsonian channels


Apple has added a number of new channels to the Apple TV today, as first noted by MacRumors. The news channels include Vevo, The Weather Channel, Disney, Disney XD and the Smithsonian Channel. Though the Vevo channel has been rumored for some time, the other channels were unexpected. Vevo has issued a press release surrounding the announcement. It reads in part:

Apple TV users are sure to recognize the intuitive and efficient design. VEVO viewers are able to quickly browse videos by featured artists including all of the latest premieres. VEVO includes multiple modes of discovery -- you can watch on-demand videos from any genre or simply select any video that piques your interest. If you have something particular in mind, perform a search and we will surface what you're looking for right at your fingertips.

As for the other channels, The Weather Channel allows you to set locales to view weather forecasts and also watch shows and reports. Disney, Disney XD and the Smithsonian Channel offer similar access to content, although both Disney channels seem to be US-only right now.

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