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Apple's revised plans for San Francisco store save historic fountain


Apple has provided the City of San Francisco with revised plans for its forthcoming flagship store, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. Earlier this year Apple proposed to move its Stockton Street store to the Union Square shopping district. However, plans necessitated the demolition of a historic fountain, which created an uproar among area residents. The new proposal calls for the fountain to be moved about eight feet from its current location, rather than demolishing it.

The new plans also feature a revised glass wall along Post Street and an eight-foot glass window in front of Stockton Street. Apple spokesperson Amy Bessette told the San Francisco Chronicle, "We've been working with the City of San Francisco as they review our ideas for an Apple Store on Union Square. Our latest design includes a store with more natural light and a plaza on Stockton Street that includes the fountain by Ruth Asawa, just a few feet away from its current location."

Though the revised plans have met with acceptance among locals and government officials, they still need to be vetted fully before being approved by the city.

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