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Givit for iPhone edits video shot with Google Glass


Google Glass is still a long way from being the ubiquitous sci-fi headset many tech fans hope it will become, but that hasn't stopped entrepreneurs from looking to the future. Video app Givit thinks Google Glass is the future of easy-to-shoot video and they've already built an app to help iOS users get the most out of their Glass videos.

Givit's new Google Glass app allows users to send videos shot on their Google Glass directly to Givit's iOS app, allowing for quick editing of the footage. CEO Greg Kostello explained the app to The Verge:

Most mobile editing apps usually just offer a filter, trying to be a video Instagram or something, and then there's iMovie or Final Cut on the desktop, which is too intimidating for most people. We want to offer editing that removes that intimidation factor, then allows people to share what they've made where they want.

The app is capable of sending video to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or DailyMotion. As of right now Givit's app is only compatible with iOS, meaning the barriers to entry are incredibly high. You have to have both an iPhone or iPad and the actual Google Glass, which isn't available to the general public. Of course if you are one of the lucky few to have access to Google Glass you can probably afford an iPhone.

You can find Givit's iOS app in the App Store right now. Head over to The Verge for more of the interview with Kostello.

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