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Twelve South introduces GhostStand for MacBook


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Now here's a way to make your MacBook look almost like it's floating in mid-air: the design wizards at Twelve South have announced GhostStand (US$34.99), a transparent Lucite platform that elevates a MacBook about six inches off of the desktop for easy viewing.

The two blades that make up the GhostStand have double-inlaid brushed-metal rails that are lined with silicone to both grip and protect the MacBook and desk surface. The stand is a wonderful way to elevate a MacBook screen to improve dual-monitor use, and also offers a more ergonomic arrangement for any MacBook user.

As with Twelve South's previous recent addition to the family, the HiRise for iPhone 5 / iPad mini, the pricing on this attractive stand is quite reasonable. We're happy to see that Twelve South is making more affordable products that still offer beautiful design and top-quality construction.

TUAW will feature a full review of the GhostStand in the near future.

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