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Apple reportedly buys mobile data compression startup AlgoTrim (confirmed)


Data compression isn't the sexiest of subjects, but after Facebook pledged to slim down its digital footprint, it's suddenly hot news. You might be interested to know, then, that Apple has reportedly snapped up Swedish startup AlgoTrim, which specializes in lossless compression algorithms. TechCrunch believes that AlgoTrim's know-how will slim down iOS device data usage -- as the outfit's JPEG files are apparently six times smaller than the average. CultOfMac, however, believes that the deal may hint at a move towards computational photography -- hinting that we may see Apple's version of Nokia's pixel oversampling tech pop up in future devices. While the thought of a PureView iPhone would set plenty of hearts aflutter, there's probably more chance that Elon Musk will build you your own private Hyperloop.

Update: Yup, an Apple spokesperson has confirmed the deal to AllThingsD.

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