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Material aims to outdo Flipboard by adapting to your changing interests

Zachary Lutz

With the likes of Flipboard, Google Currents, Pulse and other magazine-style newsreaders competing for your attention, the folks at Inq Mobile are aiming to delight audiences by delivering personalized content from unexpected sources. As creators of one of the first Facebook phones, they're now leveraging their social roots with an app known as Material, which attempts to learn your interests by examining your Facebook and Twitter activity. You can still manually add content, but Material strives to eliminate the configuration hassles you'll find elsewhere. Instead, its developers are reckoning that you'll appreciate a greater variety of news sources, and it can also adapt to your preferences over time by examining the type of stories you read. In all, Material serves up two editions of content daily, which includes blog entries, videos, music, photos and news articles. It's now available for free on iOS, and joined by an updated release of the Android app. If you've yet to check out Material, it could be worth installing just to see just what it thinks you like.

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