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Breakfast Topic: Would WoW benefit from more open-world content?


Does your guild race to down world bosses, or did you do so when the encounters were new and the drops oh, so enticing? The race to tag and down these massive monsters gives both raiders and non-raiding players a shot at high-end content and rewards. WoW has not historically emphasized open-world content and has only recently turned back to offering more of it. WoW players tend to think of top-end encounters as something that's locked away and protected for their convenience.

In some MMOs, however, the race to down the big baddie roaming the world is part of the thrill. As they design EverQuest Next, Sony has been surveying fans to learn how much they hope the upcoming title will emphasize contested content. Is watching and waiting for (and tagging!) rare, irregular spawns part of the fun? Or is the race to get there first ultimately just another bragging right for the relatively few players who have the time and resources to track and respond to the appearance of these monsters? Do you think WoW could use more open-world and contested content?

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