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Neverwinter invites players to the Summer Festival

Eliot Lefebvre

The summer is winding down and we are rapidly approaching autumn. But Neverwinter has a bit of slightly unorthodox summer fun for players in the new Summer Festival, an in-game event that goes live today and runs until September 18th. Rather than have players traipse about in swimsuits and visit beaches, the event asks players to take part in a variety of tasks and pastimes to enjoy the waning days of the season, most of which center around standard maintenance like gathering loose animals and fighting off trolls.

Fighting trolls qualifies as standard maintenance in a world that includes trolls, honestly.

So what do you get for your troubles? An array of cosmetic rewards, including new weapons and armor that have an appropriate summer theme. You can also earn an armored boar mount and a pig companion if you really want to go hog wild. Players can enjoy the content on the live servers starting today, so anyone who needs a respite from more serious fantasy fare is encouraged to log in and round up some pigs.

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