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PSA: SimCity now available on Mac


Five months after SimCity made its debut on Windows platforms, EA's latest city-building simulator has finally reached OS X. Anxious Mac owners will recall that the ribbon-cutting ceremony on this version of the game was initially slated to occur in June, but the launch ran into a number of delays.

Unfortunately, it appears that the technical issues have yet to be entirely stamped out. As TUAW points out, EA's official SimCity forums are currently receiving numerous complaints from would-be players. The reported issues range from graphical corruption to having to install and reinstall Origin numerous times just to get the game running. EA has been replying to player complaints and says it is looking into these issues, but so far the publisher has yet to offer any solutions. This leaves players in a situation eerily similar to that faced by PC gamers when SimCity launched in March.

SimCity for Mac is currently available via EA's Origin digital distribution platform in two different iterations: the standard release, which features a $40 price tag for the core game and the "Plumbob Park" DLC pack, or the $60 Digital Deluxe edition, which offers three additional European-themed city packs and the "Heroes And Villains" DLC.

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SimCity™, the ultimate city simulation game, is now available for Mac as a digital release via Origin™ and other digital retailers.

SimCity for Mac and PC allows players to create and destroy the cities of their imaginations, and has been rated E10+ by the ESRB for both PC and Mac. For more information regarding SimCity, please visit Press assets for SimCity are available at

To purchase SimCity for Mac and PC, please visit:

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