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September's PlayStation Plus freebies include Ico, Rayman Origins and more

Jordan Mallory

Sony has announced the lineup of free PlayStation 3, PSP and Vita games it'll be gifting to PlayStation Plus subscribers over the month of September, and the list is full of both moving experiences and Move-ing experiences. Get it? See, because there's a PlayStation Move-enabled game in here. Anyway!

September's stable of complimentary entertainment includes Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection, Ico and Galaga Legions DX for PS3, Rayman Origins for Vita and GTA: Liberty City Stories for Vita and PSP. Sony's announcement doesn't specify what order these games will be delivered in, so keep an eye on our weekly PSN Tuesday posts for ever-vigilant coverage of when new free stuff is available. In the meantime, allow us to apologize for that PS Move joke.

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