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Thrillingly dangerous


C'thun is generally accepted among WoW raiders to own the title of most challenging raid boss to date. "They had to nerf C'thun before anyone (and I mean anyone) could kill him without exploiting," notes WoW Insider warrior extraordinaire Matt Rossi. "For a group of level 60s in BWL/AQ gear, pre-Naxx, C'thun was the hardest fight. Not even Naxx fights compared. There has never been a fight tuned that high again."

But many players find C'thun-like levels of stress to be suffocating rather than thrilling. They agonize over personal performance, grind their teeth over repeated wipes, and bang their heads over night after night of painstaking attempts. For these raiders, difficulty definitely does not equal excitement.

What boss do you think of, then, that fill you with a looming sense of imminent danger? Is there an encounter that makes you feel as if you're dancing on the edge of the sword the entire time? What makes these encounters thrilling to you?

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