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Xbox One to bring higher quality voice chat through dedicated hardware and the power of Skype (updated)


It's anti-climactic when you destroy someone in Madden, yet your victory chants are muffled by substandard voice chat. Today, Major Nelson revealed that with the Xbox One and the Xbox One Chat Headset, your taunts and condolences will be heard loud and clear by all. How? Well, the console has dedicated audio processing and the new controller's expansion port provides a fatter data pipe that allows the headset to render voices at 24 KHz PCM. According to the Major, that's three times the sample rate for rendering and a 50 percent better capture rate than Xbox 360 headsets. Combine that with Skype's refined audio codec, and you've got yourself a new gold standard for in-game chat quality. And, you can hear the difference at the source link below. Only downside Best part is, Microsoft still gonna won't make you pay extra for the privilege.

Update: Major Nelson was kind enough to remind us that the headset will, in fact, be included with Xbox One.

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