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Apple updates iTunes Festival London app, adds streaming video


With just two days to go until the start of this year's iTunes Festival London, Apple has released an update to the namesake app that adds video streaming capabilities. No doubt the feature update is so concerts can be streamed live to iOS devices around the world.

Though the iTunes Festival London has been running for several years, this year is the first in which it seems Apple is seriously pushing awareness of the festival. The app has been updated several times with new features over the past six weeks and is available in the United States for the first time. Then only yesterday, Apple began offering six free music tracks through the app from acts that are playing at the festival. Even here in London, the festival was never promoted that much, but this year its been promoted in newspapers and on the radio non-stop with offers of free ticket giveaways.

This is pure conjecture on my part, but it seems like Apple could be trying to build the festival up this year more than in past years because it may be considering expanding it beyond the confines of London -- it would be a nice promotion tool for the company, especially considering that Apple is now getting into the radio business.

The iTunes Festival London app is a free download.

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