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Google quietly acquired smartwatch maker WIMM Labs


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Ok, so here's the deal: WIMM Labs was one of the earliest entrants into the smartwatch space, way back in 2011. While the Android-based WIMM One failed to set the consumer market on fire, it apparently caught Google's eye. In the summer of 2012, the company put a simple message up on its site declaring that it had entered an exclusive partnership with an unnamed entity for its technology and would thus be ending sales of its devices. Now it appears that partner was Google -- a Mountain View spokesperson just confirmed the acquisition to us.

The company's immediate plans for WIMM are not yet public but, according to GigaOM, most of the staff stayed on board and are now working with the Android team. The obvious use would be in developing Google's own rumored smartwatch product, which would likely incorporate many of WIMM Lab's SDKs and existing platform tools. However, it's worth noting that the company doesn't consider itself merely a maker of app-running timepieces, but a manufacturer of wearables in general. We wouldn't be shocked if some of WIMM's tech and experience was put to good use in Glass.

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