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How did you up your game this week?


Whether you're one of those curmudgeons who scoffs at the very idea of player skill in a game such as World of Warcraft or the sort of hyperactive, theorycrafting hardcore gamer who daydreams in spreadsheets, nobody can deny that WoW is ultimately a game about character progression. What aspect of the game you choose to progress in is up to you: your gear, your achievements, raid content downed, your look, the story, your gold stash ... And you can't make progress without picking up tips, tricks, and notable skills along the way.

This week, I finally learned to find the exit of a dungeon my alts run somewhat regularly. Before, I'd always hope someone else would be running out so I could follow them, or I'd click out and have to travel back to the area to continue questing nearby. Don't ask me which instance I'm talking about; I refuse to implicate myself that specifically. Let's just say I'm outta there.

Maybe you finally got the hang of dodging the AoE during an encounter that's been giving you fits, or perhaps you checked off that piece of gear you've been lusting over for weeks. How did you up your game this week?

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