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Super Joystiq Podcast 063: Nintendo 2DS, Lost Planet 3, TMNT, Splinter Cell Blacklist


This week's Super Joystiq Podcast is ironically into controversial comedies about current political issues.

It's back to the regular format with Ludwig, Xav, and Richard hitting the big news of the week right at the top of the show, the Nintendo 2DS, and then it's onto the games. Lost Planet 3, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, and Splinter Cell: Blacklist all get their due time. Also on tap, a lengthy discussion on story in games, and Uwe Boll's latest (literal) money grab.

PAX Prime is just kicking into gear, and we have a strike team hitting the show at this very moment. Stay tuned over the weekend for a special or two with impressions straight from Seattle.

Listen to the Super Joystiq Podcast: Podcast timestamps and relevant links are available after the break.

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Show Breakdown
Hosts: Ludwig (@LudwigK), Xav (@xav), Richard (@TheRichardM)
  • 00:00:00 // Intro
  • 00:01:08 // GameStop event
  • 00:05:33 // Nintendo WiiU and 2DS
  • 00:25:36 // Lost Planet 3 and story in games
  • 00:54:31 // TMNT: Out of the Shadows
  • 01:12:13 // Splinter Cell: Blacklist
  • 01:31:01 // Postal 2 movie Kickstarter
  • 01:45:31 // Wrap-up
Theme Music: Satsuma Audio and Whitaker Blackall – "A Basstastic Undertaking"
Segment Bumpers: Go Cart, Blown Away, Rocket - Kevin MacLeod (

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