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New trailer teases space update for Star Wars: The Old Republic

Eliot Lefebvre

For quite a while now, the Star Wars: The Old Republic space project has been spoken of only in whispers. Fans have been waiting and looking, but what exactly the project is has been a mystery inside a cipher wrapped in an enigma. But the dev team has revealed a bit more during the most recent stop of the game's community tour. The trailer raises more questions, but it opens the door for more rooted speculation.

What's clear from the narration is that both the Imperial and Republic fleets are preparing for a major offensive. The footage itself, however, suggests some high-speed dogfighting with the standard Imperial and Republic fighter craft. Will this be a form of space-based PvP? Missions that include free-form flight? Personalized ship exteriors? It's impossible to know just yet, but you can check out the trailer past the cut to form your own opinions on what this means.

[Thanks to Jose for the tip!]

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