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Breakfast Topic: Your favorite (or least favorite) daily

Oh, daily quests. How we love... and sometimes... okay, maybe most of the time... hate you. While they're all fun the first time (or two), for many these repetitive quests become a monotonous grind that needs to be done to collect gear or items needed to advance. I find I have a low tolerance for doing the same thing over and over again, which makes these particularly painful. But, still, I try to log on every day and work my characters through their quests in hopes that one day I will reap the rewards. Well, either that or at some point I'll get distracted by something more interesting and forget about them. It could really go either way.

However, not all dailies feel like such a grind. Recently leveling a character through Wrath content I've rediscovered some Wrath dailies that have been -- dare I say it? -- fun. I've found myself really enjoying fighting on dragonback around Wyrmrest Temple and charging around the Argent Tournament grounds. Perhaps, however, it's only fun because I know I'll soon level past it.

But tell us, readers, what are your favorite -- or least favorite -- dailies?

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