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Massively Exclusive: Episode 10 of Mabinogi the Saga: Iria

MJ Guthrie

It all started with a demonic attack on a small village in Episode One, then wove through twists and turns, betrayals and reveals, in the next eight episodes. Now it's time for the thrilling conclusion of the Mabinogi miniseries, the Iria Saga. In Episode 10, titled Divine Fury: The Advent, the destruction of Lia Fail releases an uncontrollable demonic force that draws a goddess to Iria -- one who wants to cleanse the world by wiping everything out. Will everyone band together to save the world? Watch the battle play out in the video after the cut, then catch a live play-though on Massively TV Wednesday, September 3rd @ 9:00 p.m. EDT.

Mabinogi the Saga: Iria, Episode 10 -- Divine Fury:  The Advent

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