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Sepulchre, a free indie horror game from Richard & Alice devs


There are a few reasons Sepulchre may be the perfect game to start off your week:
  1. It's a horror point-and-click from Owl Cave, the developers of the intensely emotional, four-star adventure, Richard & Alice
  2. It takes place on a train, starring a curious museum curator
  3. It's short
  4. It's free
The two-man development team at Owl Cave proved itself with Richard & Alice, crafting a story of loss and survival that transcended the game's pixelated art style. Sepulchre is an adventure short, clocking in at under two hours of playtime, and it's a subtle brand of horror game, Owl Cave says: There are no jump-scare moments, but it's consistently eerie and contains moments of unexplainable, train-based unease.

Sepulchre is out now for PC only, in the free version or a $3 Special Edition that includes the game, soundtrack, two wallpapers and a digital copy of Bright Lights and Glass Houses, a collection of short horror stories from Owl Cave writer Ashton Raze. Buy it (or just play it) here.

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