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Anarchy Online opens beta testing for new graphics engine

Eliot Lefebvre

A new graphical engine can make an old game feel new again. Anarchy Online has had a new engine in the works for what feels like forever now, with one delay or another pushing back implementation repeatedly. But fans of the game can rejoice, as the end is in sight -- the new graphical engine is open for beta testing, with all of the same content as the existing game and a much prettier way to look at it.

The team at Funcom is starting in closed beta, with players asked to create new characters rather than copy over existing ones to test out the included new player experience. Those interested in testing will need to sign up, with invitations coming in waves until the NDA is dropped and open testing is put into place. And there are some improvements to social items and the like, but what most players are going to be focusing on is the facelift.

[Thanks to zendadaist for the tip!]

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