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Apple could use gestures to grant user access on iOS devices


An interesting patent has been uncovered by AppleInsider that shows a way Apple could use gestures to grant access to specific apps and iOS device functions on a per-user basis. The patent would be an interesting implementation of something many iOS device users want: individual user accounts on their iPhone and iPads.

iPads in particular are often used in a family setting, where one iPad may be used by everyone in the house. The ability to grant each user access based on gestures could mean that a child could use a custom gesture to unlock the iPad and have access to Safari, videos and games, but not his parents' contacts or iMessages. The use of gestures would overcome a potentially cumbersome user login screen.

Of course, Apple patents many things that never see the light of day, but let's hope this one does as multiple user accounts -- or in this case, individual user access accounts -- on iPads would be a thing many of us would like to see.

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