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ASUS briefly posts Fonepad 7 ad that reveals dual front speakers (video)


ASUS can't stop tweaking the Fonepad, it seems. Just a few months after boosting the specs of its phone-and-tablet hybrid, the company has inadvertently posted (and retracted) a video ad for yet another refresh, the Fonepad 7. You'll be disappointed if you were expecting a more substantial update this time around, though. As Android Community notes, the biggest change to the Atom-powered slate is the addition of dual front-facing speakers. After that, the visible upgrades are limited to a 5-megapixel rear camera (up from 3.2MP) and an integrated contact interface for calls and text messaging. There aren't any clues in the promo as to when the Fonepad 7 will launch, although the timing hints that we could learn more at IFA.

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