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Court lifts injunction barring iCloud mail push notifications in Germany


Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents is reporting that a German court this week lifted an injunction which precluded iOS users in Germany from receiving iCloud mail push notifications.

The injunction had been in place for about 18 months before being suspended this week. Recall that the patent underlying the injunction is owned and was initially asserted by Motorola back in April of 2011.

According to Mueller, once Apple posts a bond -- which effectively serves as a pre-payment in the likelihood Motorola ultimately prevails on the merits -- push notifications for affected iOS users will be enabled once again.

On the flip side, it's also possible that Apple, in the event that it emerges victorious in this litigation, will be entitled to damages from Motorola for the "enforcement of an injunction that shouldn't have been granted in the first place."

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