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Hardware: Shipbreakers secures Homeworld license, Gearbox funding


Gearbox Software announced at PAX that it has granted Hardware: Shipbreakers developer Blackbird Interactive the official Homeworld license, allowing its creators to release the game under the new title Homeworld: Shipbreakers.

Announced in May, Hardware Shipbreakers was to be a spiritual successor to the Homeworld series. Developed by several key Homeworld franchise developers, Shipbreakers promised a similar brand of real-time strategy gameplay bolstered by online competitive multiplayer modes.

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford additionally revealed that Gearbox will fund the project, supporting Blackbird's development process and investing "a pretty non-trivial amount of money -- the millions of dollars necessary for them to realize their vision." Pitchford's announcement begins at 5:27:05 in this archived stream.

Gearbox acquired the rights to the Homeworld name in April, following the liquidation of former trademark owner THQ. The company previously announced plans to release HD-optimized versions of Homeworld and Homeworld 2 later this year.

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