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Random Acts of Uberness: The Sha of Uberness

In the age of LFR, it's the times another player lights up your night with precise play, a wicked sense of humor, or unexpected generosity that your login on World of Warcraft becomes something to remember. That's why we're bringing back the feature that lets you send a shout-out or kudos to a fellow player who's made your day in WoW: Random Acts of Uberness.

This week on Rare Sightings of Azeroth: the Sha of Uberness.

It might not seem like much, but I just dinged 90 for the fourth time, this time a discipline/shadow priest. Being barely geared for heroics (and having a difficult time healing some of those), I sort of shrugged when I saw somebody advertising for people for a Sha of Anger group. I decided "What the heck" and whispered the person. He surprised me by not only telling me he didn't care about my gear but offering to let me heal if I wanted!

Sha of Anger is something I've wanted to kill since the first time our eyes met. This was a shining moment for me, not only to say "I killed Sha!" but to say "I healed Sha!" to my friends, who thought I hated all things having to do with raids.

I just want to say thank you to that random hunter whose name I cannot remember. I hope you read this and know that you made a healer's entire week with that run. Thank you! -- Vilandros, Muradins Resurrection, Muradin (US-Alliance)

Spotted Being Uber: Kitteneater, Fizzcrank (US-Horde) Out of the blue one day he grouped up with me while farming Zandalari rares and was dead set on getting me a mount from them. (Sadly, none dropped.) After that, we are Real ID friends, and he's always setting up Oondasta and Nalak and all that stuff on our server, where he just hands out flasks to everyone and gets things organised, with the occasional SW/FTH/ICC run afterwards. Really nice guy. -- Anonymous

Random Acts of Uberness The Sha of UbernessSpotted Being Uber: Blastphemus, Hyjal (US-Horde) I have a pretty well geared shadow priest and, at the time, was 2/13 H on ToT content. I was running LFR one weekend, I want to say it was mid-May time frame, to help my brother gear up when I noticed another shadow priest that was matching me in numbers. Now, this does happen occasionally in AoE pulls, but not on boss fights. I decided to check the priest's gear out and see where he fell. Imagine my surprise when I realized it was Blastphemus from Vox Immortalis on US-Hyjal (at the time I believe he had an item level of around 540 and I was around 530), one of the better guilds in the game right now. I decided to test myself against him on the boss and see how I did.

Needless to say, he saw me fly up the meters and decided to go head to head with me. It was one of the best experiences in LFR I have ever had. After the fight we whispered each other and to my surprise, he was a very good guy and didn't have the elitist attitude that I've seen from lots of players at that level. Oddly enough, he was there helping his brother gear up as well. This experience renewed my faith in LFR and with seeing that high-end raiders could be just like me and be a normal guy having fun on a Saturday afternoon. -- Ymer, Einherjar, Moon Guard (US-Horde)

Spotted Being Uber: Crasnbrn, Uldaman (US-Alliance) I was just thinking how it would be great if Random Acts of Uberness came back, so I could thank Crasnbrn (Uldaman US-Alliance) for his help on Monday!

Crasnbrn was a warlock I spotted when I arrived in the lumber area of the Battlefield: Barrens quests with my warrior. I asked if he'd like to group up, and he responded enthusiastically. It turned out he'd already finished, but he stayed and helped me get the 130 lumber I needed before he logged out. AND he let me have the Latent Kor'Kron chest token that dropped! Because of his help, I was able to finish my weekly quest and get a totally sweet upgrade. –- Aldea, Uldaman (US-Alliance)
Random Acts of Uberness The Sha of Uberness
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