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Retail box boosts Terraria sales in Japan, potentially Europe


Downloadable hit Terraria will be released in both digital and standard retail box form when it reaches Europe later this month.

Initially released on the PC in 2011, Terraria has since appeared on iOS, Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. To date the game has sold more than 2 million digital copies, but for certain European territories publisher 505 Games has decided on a more traditional sales method.

"Different territories have different digital acceptance," said Tim Woodley, director of brand management at 505 Games. "We're releasing Terraria in a box in September as we think the lack of digital uptake in France, Germany, Italy etc is prohibiting sales. Terraria has done incredibly via digital, but most of the numbers are from the US."

Terraria was released in Japan this past May and has so far sold 110,000 copies. The majority of these have been retail box sales, Woodley claimed.

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